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Would you like to buy a sport horse in Germany, but don’t know where to search and how to deal with it? Then rely on the assistance of SJR Caballos, an experienced, competent and trustworthly partner which offers you a top service regarding the selection of the horses and a smooth purchase handling. We help you to find the horse that meets perfectly your requirements.

Über unsAround seven years ago Susan Röver,a business school graduate, active rider and for many years strongly involved in equitation established SJR Caballos. Germany is the most important country in sport horse breeding, raising and in compètition in show jumping and dressage. Many successful riders from all over the world come to Germany in order to find their perfect horse. But in this huge market with over 4000 registered breeders / stables and with a population of aproximately 1 Mio. horses, where can you find the ideal horse for you? Due to the problems in finding a suitable horse because of the inadequate transparency of the market in Germany, we set it as our aim to help our foreign ,but also our German clients to find their ideal horse in Germany. We achieve this by offering an extensive and competent consultation, an atractive range of qualitative horses from our selected cooperating stables and a perfect full-service concept for the time before, while and after the purchase. We assist in all possible ways so that the purchase of your horse in Germany is easy and secure for you.

Our clients

In the past years we specialized in the Spanish and Latin American market, as we were living during more than 8 years in Spain and travelled regularly to Latin America. During the last years many horses found their new riders by our service in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Urugay, France etc, but also in Germany. We know the specific needs of our clients and can consult in the best and most reliable way to find the horse that really suits to his new owner. As we now operate again from Germany, we have the advantage that we are a lot closer to the horses we offer, can procur you more easily with aditional videos and photos, and as such can offer our special services to people from all countries interested in buying a German horse. 

Carla AlonsoMany well-known trainers and riders in Spain and South-America such as the international dressage riders Victor Alvarez and Ignacio Lopez Porras or the breeding and training stable “Val de La Madre” home of the high successfull Carla Alonso, as well as famous stables in Mexico, Uruguay and Colombia trust the competent and extensive service of SJR Caballos. With many of our clients we still keep in touch even a few years after having found their horse, many customers repeite with us and recommend us, and we are always very interested and happy to get news of the developpment of the riders and their horses over long term. (Referenzen)



Our service

With our full service concept, our experience and knowledge prospective buyers find their new horse easily and in a total reliable and trustable process. We assist and take charge of all steps from the purchasing process, from the preselection of the horses, via the organization of a well planned trip to Germany to try the horses, to taking charge of all the documentation, veterinary checking to the organization of the transport and after sales service. Together with our renowned cooperating stables in Germany, we are very pleased that we can offer our customers great horses of high quality and of all ages and schooling levels. On the selection of our partner stables, we are very focused on an appropriate rearing, keeping and training of their horses. In the choose of our cooperating stud farms we lay great emphasis on a longlasting, friendly and with seriousness and frankness oriented partnership.

Full service

Over the last several years we even extended our full-service concept to the effect that we are now able to help our foreign clients aswell with the order of semen for their mares and we also offer profesional and full-organized dressage and show jumping clinics in Germany.

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Please don´t hesitate to contact us, we would be pleased to help you with the purchase of your sport horse in Germany!

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