Partner stables

Our partner stables


We work together with a large network of carefully selected partner stables in Germany, that are small and large studs, training stables, breeding associations and national state studs. With this unique network of professional stables we can offer our customers as independent party German Sport horses at all ages, levels and prices for sport and breeding – horses that can meet all requirements.

At the moment we rely on the offer of more than 40 stables in Germany. In the selection of our partner stables we especially focus on a trustworthy, open and long term relationship, in which the well-being of the horse and his optimal appropriateness for the individual client have maximum priority.


Here are some of our partner stables:

  • Gestüt Horstfelde: This stud has more than 25 years of experience in breeding sport horses with excellent pedigree for show jumping and dressage. Foals, youngsters and competition horse live in brilliant conditions and are well trained and looked after by a friendly and caring team.
  • National state stud Neustadt Dosse: The national state stud of Neustadt/Dosse has a very long history, brilliant facilities and offers our customers not only a selection of interesting sport horses for sale, but also a very attractive collection of stallions for breeding as well as a lot of events.
  • Gestüt Kempke Hof: The nice stud is located in the heart of the mecklenburg region and offers an excellent service a large selection of sporthorses at all ages, prices and training levels.
  • Stud Woldsee: The stud “Woldsee” is located close to Bremen and is dedicated to the breeding and training of talented jumping horses. The high quality facilities not only fascinate the riders, but also make sure the wellbeing of the horses.
  • Hengsthaltung Kathmann: This traditional breeding stud specializes in breeding, training and competing of dressage horses as well as the sale of high quality dressage horses.

  • Hof Brüning: This nice stud has been family owned for many years and is among the top hannoverian breeders, winning prices for optimal breeding and raising. Many approved sires, successful horses at championships as well as the winning family of the important show “Herwart Von der Decken” of 2007 come out of this nice stud.

  • Hannoveranerzucht Bremen: On the border of the city of Bremen, foals, youngsters an breeding mares with excellent pedigree grow on large pastures.
  • Gestüt Ligges: This private stud is focused on breeding and raising jumping horses of excellent quality and also offers a great collection of successful breeding stallions with internationally renowned bloodlines.
  • Sporthorses Fornefeld: Heinrich Fornefeld is in charge of a small stud and training center close to Paderborn. His facilities offer best conditions for riders, sport horses and youngstock.
  • Dressage stable and stallion station Mielezco-Vekens: This privately owned stood breeds, raises and traines dressage horses and high quality dressage ponies, and also offers an interesting selection of pony and warmblood stallions for breeding.

  • Stud Tito: The facilities of stud Tito are located close to Paderborn. The family is currently breeding with aproximately 10 mares dressage and show jumping horses with interesting and modern bloodlines.
  • Werner Vahle: The stables of family Vahle are dedicated to the breeding, training and the sale of sport horses, mainly jumping horses, of all levels.
  • Riding center Löckenhoff: The large and well equipped riding and training center offers place for more than 100 horses. The family Löckenhoff has a small breeding area, and trains and sells basically dressage horses, from young horses up to Grand Prix horses.  
  • Stud Poit: Since more than 25 years, stud Poit breeds close to the sea sport ponies and Hannoverians for the dressage and the show jumping sport.
  • Stud Mahler: On wide pastures close to the north sea, the foals and youngsters bred by family Mahler are raised in a healthy surrounding.
  • Stud Rosenhof: Grand Prix dressage riders Marcel and Birgit Kanz are running a dressage training stable and sell talented dressage horses of all ages.
  • Dressage horses Rassmann: Martin and Claudia Rassmann are specialized in the training, competition and sale of talented dressage horses. Their 2 and four leg guests find perfect conditions at their facilities.
  • Burghof: The riding center “Burghof” offers you an interesting selection of breeding stallions, and they breed, train and sell quality sport horses for both disciplines. Moreover they offer riding holidays for kids and clinics for adults.
  • Stall Hladik: The training center Hladik, at 30 minutos of Frankfurt international airport, is specialized in the training and sale of show jumping and dressage horses of al ages.
  • Rahmannshof: The big riding stable in Essen, close to Düsseldorf, offers you a poart from own bred youngsters for sport also experienced sport horses mainly for show jumping
  • Elisenhof
  • Stall Ramsbrock
  • Zuchthof Klatte
  • Sportpferde Hannöver
  • Gut Füchtel
  • Deichhof Tespe
  • Pferdezucht Ulrich Bünger
  • Sportpferde Lemmer
  • Holsteinerzucht Carstensen-Möller
  • Dressurpferde Sandbrink
  • Hof Kröckel
  • and many more…

Breeding associations

  • Ponyforum: This association is dedicated to the promotion and sale of the German riding pony and invites you in several occasions to their sales events,. A part from the “Ponyforum sales day” where they offer a collection of aproximately 30 sport ponies for dressage and show jumping, they organize twice a year the “Ponyforum Open Sales”, dedicated to sale of top dressage ponies and the “POS jump”, dedicated to high qualily jumping ponies.
  • Brandenburg Breeding association: The brandenburg breeding association / German Sporthorse association organizes many events during the year. The most important event is the “Schaufenster der Besten”, a 4 days event that includes stallion approval, elite auction, show and competitions.
  • Westfalian breeding association: The Westfalian breeding association promotes the breeding of the Westfalian sporthorse and the team advises the members in all aspects of breeding, training and promoting. They organize several auctions and other sales events during the year as well as the stallion approvals.


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