German Stallions for insemination

German Stallions for insemination


Germany is not only the top in equestrian sport, but the German breds are also on the top of the league regarding sport horse breeding. And you can also use the best German stallions for your breeding of dressage or show jumping horses. We help you receiving frozen or refrigerated horse sperm of well known German sires, we advise you which sires are appropriate for your special mare and arrange all the formalities in order to receive horse sperm from Germany.

From January to August many of our partner stables offer interesting breeding sires for your mares. A few examples can be found on our website, but in general we can help you with the reception of sperm of almost all German sires that are available for international insemination. Please inform us of your wishes and requirements!

You have to take into account the following issues for the reception of refrigerated horse sperm, available for almost all European countries:

  • Sending days: The horse sperm can be sent between Monday and Thursday, as such it arrives at its destination (normally the airport of a mayor city) in 24 h, from Tuesday to Friday. On weekends no pick up nor delivery takes place, therefore it is not possible to inseminate from Saturday to Monday.
  • Necessary information: Please inform us beforehand about all the details of the mare, as well as the reception and the billing address. Most studs only send sperm paid in advance, therefore please contact us at least 2 weeks before the expected date of insemination.
  • Order day: On the day you would like the sperm to be sent (the previous day of insemination), please inform us before 9.30 am by telephone.
  • Logistics company: We normally work together with the companies TNT or DHL, that offer express services and deliver the packet usually in less than 24h to all mayor European cities. Nevertheless, we can’t guarantee this time frame nor does the logistics company pay compensation for example of veterinary fees etc should the deadline not be met.
  • Logistic costs: The costs for logistics as well as the costs for the export documentation of the sperm will be billed separately from the insemination fee. The costs depend on the destination, please contact us for more information.
  • General conditions: The general Terms and Conditions of the studs are valid for all orders.
  • Service fee: SJR Caballos charges 50Eur as service fee for the delivery of horse sperm


For overseas countries many sires are available via frozen sperm.


Frozen sperm will be sent in specific containers, which have to be furnished by the customer or can be purchased in Germany. The conditions for frozen sperm depend a lot on the individual sire (how many tubes per dosis, price etc) as well as on the destination. Please contact us for further information, we will make you an individual offer.


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