Service for sellers

Service for breeders and sellers


Our principle objective is the representation of German breeders and trainers and help international customers to find their perfect horse in Germany. Sometimes we also touch other countries in our trips, such as the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland or Denmark. If your are a breeder or a trainer in one of these countries and are interested to work with SJR Caballos, please contact us, we then inform you about our principles and requirements to become a partner stable of SJR Caballos.

Our offer for breeders and trainers is the optimum international presentation of the sales horses, a competent, dedicated and full service to customers, and the coordination of all steps in the selling process of the horse, so that you just have to show it to our customers.

Here are some of the advantages of being a partner of SJR Caballos:

  • your horses will be shown on a multilingual website dedicated only to selected sport horses
  • an effective Marketing of your horses with a wide representation on international portals, mailings etc.
  • a partner who cares perfectly about his customer, and only sends you prospective and well informed customers
  • You save a lot of time and not have to reply to inquiries of not serious customers

The whole process is easy and professional for you, we take care of every step of the selling process.

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