Service for purchasers

Service for purchasers


Our main aim is to find the horse that perfectly fits your special requirements and we support you in all possible ways during the whole process. With our complete range of services before, during and after the purchase, buying a horse is easy, transparent and secure for you.

  • Preselection of the horse
  • Selection of the horse
  • Purchase of the horse
  • Transport
  • After sales service


On our website you find an exclusive selection of German sport horses, from dressage to show jumping, but also foals, youngsters, sport ponies and breeding mares. With our network of carefully selected partner stables in Germany we can offer you a wide range of horses with interesting pedigrees, different training levels and at all ages and prices – horses that can meet all requirements.

In personal meetings we get to know exactly your needs and discuss your wishes, and then we look for the most appropriate horses which we offer you with a complete profile, including videos, pedigree, and information about possible prepurchase veterinary tests.

In addition to the horses shown on our website, our partner stables always have other horses for sale which are not published on our website. We would be pleased to inform you about other options in order to find the most appropriate horse for you.


Selection of the horse

Regarding the selection of the horse, there are basically two options:

Once some interesting horses are found, the next step is to organize a trip to Germany to see and try out the horses. We organize all the details for your trip so that you can have a very pleasant, comfortable and effective stay. In a few days you can see with us, with a well planned trip, a lot of horses previously preselected in an efficient and stressfree way. We organize your complete trip: From the reservation of the airfare and accomodation, over the definition of the most effective travel route and the appointments with the breeders to other activities if you desire. We make sure that you will see a lot of appropriate horses and that you enjoy your stay!

We accompany you during the whole trip if you wish (you only have to bear our travel expenses such as hotel and restaurant costs): we will drive and take you to all places, advise you, introduce you to the owners of the horses, translate, film you and will be with you during your stay to assist you in the complete process. In that way you can be sure of a pleasant, professional and positive trip.

You can also book an international dressage or show jumping trainer with a lot of experience to accompany us to the horse trials, as such you have another independent and objective adviser in order to find the best possible horse for you. Please ask us for terms and conditions, these trainers are not comissioneers, they work exclusively for you during the trip.

On the other hand we also offer you the possibility to purchase the horse „via video“, without seeing it personally. Especially when we talk about foals, youngstock or breeding mares, we made very good experience with the „purchase via video“. In these cases obviously trust is a fundamental issue, and we do everything to give you all relevant information about the horses, also regarding the character, rideability and health issues. We very often hear the following comment from customers that purchased horses without seeing them: „In reality I like the horse even more than on the video!“.

To help you with the decision which of the horses is the ideal horse for you, we also film you while you ride the horses and we offer you the most complete information about them, regarding also results in competitions and in breeding, dam lines and information about the health and possible prepurchase veterinary check. .


The purchase of the horse

Once the ideal horse if found, you can leave everything in our hands, we take care of all the formalities. First of all the horse will go through a veterinary examination to determine its state of health. We work with well known veterinarians all over Germany, you will receive the x-rays and reports, and can show them to your personal veterinarian. It is also possible apply for a further opinion of other independent veterinarians.

Once the health issue is clear, we set up the sales contracts and translate it. The contracts are elaborated by lawyers and are based on the current legal regulations in horse sales and are recommended by the German federal association.

We can also organize that the horse or the foal can stay in Germany with one of our professional partner stables for further training or breeding. Please ask us for more information.



When all formalities have been concluded and the horse has been paid for, we will take arrange the transport of the horse to his new home with a very competent and professional company. For the transport within Europe we recommend the company Van Hamond (www.van-hamond.com), who will take your horse safely with modern trucks from A to B. For overseas transport we work together with different companies, depending on the destination. We trust on the excellent services of the company G. Klatte (www.gklatte.de) or also on the Belgium based company European Horse Service (www.ehs.be).


In relation to the transport we also take care of the necessary documentation for international transports, the signing of a travel insurance and/or the realization of necessary blood tests.


After the arrival

Our full service doesn’t finish with the purchase or the transport of the horse. Once the horse has arrived at his new stable, they are still many questions, for example regarding the nutrition, the training plan, shoeing or worming of the horse. We also help you with the change of ownership or the registration of the horse as competition horse. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you have, we will do our best to resolve them quickly and are always there for you. We are very happy to maintain a regular contact with many of our customers who inform us about the development of their horses over many years. As such we made many new friends!

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