Here you find some testimonials of our customers.

Conchita & Dimero, Sevilla

The horse: A 12 year old Hannoverian gelding with successes up to Prix St George classes
The rider: a 18 years old girl, looking for a horse for the Young Riders test


Hi Christine, hello Susan,

Today I’m writing to thank you again all your previous work with Dimero and to let you know that last weekend we competed on the CDN in Montenmedio and we won the two Young Rider’s tests with an average score of 68%.

At the competition he behaved great and he did things easy to me. I’m very happy with him because he’s lovely and he loves being next to you, being in the paddock and also he loves eating sweets, apples or carrots.

The following days (18th, 19th and 20th of April) Dimero and I are going to the CDI (international) of Segovia, a competition where the national dressage coach will see us, who has already been interested in our pairing.

I attach you some pics of our beautiful sorrel.







Roger & Fabelhaft, Tarragona

The horse: a 4 year old mare for dressage
The rider: was looking for a promising young dressage horse

Hello Susan,

How are you doing in Germany?? How are your children!

We are very happy with our “Fabelhaft”. She lost one shoe on the paddock right after her arrival, therefore I couldn’t ride her so far, but I walked her around in our stable and she enjoys our paddocks. She is very friendly and confident!

I send you some pictures so you see how happy she is!!

Thank you very much for helping me to find this great mare!!


Anibal & Cornet MR, Mexico

The horse: A 2,5 yr old son of Cornet Obolensky
The rider: A show jumping rider and breeder

Hi Susan! I know that you would be very pleased to received these pictures of our Cornet MR doing his firsts jumps!! We have just started to train him for the free jumping championchip for three years old in Monterrey. he is doing it great, and is developping fantastically!!
Best wishes!


Martin & Liborius, Uruguay

The horse: A 8 yr old Oldenburg gelding with successes up to 1,40 m
The rider: An international show jumping rider from Uruguay

Hello Susan!

Liborius has finally arrived at our stables in Uruguay! He is very well and got very quickly used to his new surrounding. I have recently done a very small course on a competition to test him.

He is really super, I enjoy him a lot, I hope he will continue like this. I will let you know, we have many big projects with him!!

Hope to hear from you soon.


Harold & Angelina, Colombia

The horse: a 11 year old mare with successes up to Intermediaire I
The rider: a young girl looking for a junior / young rider horse

Hello Susan, here I send you a new picture from Maria and Angelina, on their last big competition in Bogota.

I gave your contact details to a friend of mine and I recommended him to contact you. Here in Cali we have several new young riders that need horses and that will strengthen our dining level here. But it is indispensable that we can rely on someone like you who gives confidence and identifies the horses that show the desired characteristics.

I would like to congratulate youu because you have managed to get in a very short time an excellent reputation, and with every further sale this will get even stronger. Very important for me has been the transparency in the whole process, your knowledge and your dedication, that makes everything very pleasant and easy.

See you soon!


Juan & San Francisco / Sixtus, Madrid

The horse: Two dressage horses acquired as foal from SJR Caballos
The rider: A rider / breeder of dressage horses


Hello Susan, I hope you are doing fine! Ñast weekend San Francisco did his first show, and he won the dressage ability class for for year old horses with 73%!! Also Sandro who has already competed last year won his class with 72,58 %! So we are very happy and proud of them! Also our Quaterback son is now being broken,. He has been ridden a couple of times and he is great and has an impressive body!!  Many greetings






Charlotte & Carpino, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The horse: 8 year old Holstein gelding, successful up to 1,35 m
The rider: Was looking for an experienced show jumper

Hello Susan

Today I competed for the first time with Carpino. He behaved super and we won the class!! I am very very happy with him!

I send you some pictures of our first competition!

Big hugs


Carla & Quiddich, Valladolid

The horse: A young show jumping mare
The rider: was looking for a promising young horse for her training stable


Hello Susan,

I hope you are fine! Quidditch is fantastic, She has a very nive character and moves and jumps very well!! We are very happy with her. I have already ridden her and I enjoy it very much!!

Thanks again for your brilliant service and a big hug!

(Translated from Spanish)

Marta & Florimon, Barcelona

The horse: a 7 year old gelding, trained up to 3rd level
The rider: A 15 year old girl competing in dressage

Good morning Susan

how are you??

We are training Florimon and he has already improved a lot. He is working very well and always willing to cooperate, and is learning a lot with us. We are very happy with our new family member,.

I wanted to ask you about the dressage courses in Germany this summer…

Hugs from Barcelona

(Translates from Spanish)

Juan & Sandro, Madrid

The horse: A foal and a 3 year old stallion by Sandro Hit
The rider: A dressage trainer, looking for promision dressage horses


“Hello Susan

how are you doing?? Our horses are doing great. I attach soome pictures of Sandro, he debuted this week in a national copmpetition and received almost 70%. So we are very very happy with him. And our little one by QUaterback is growing and will be a spectacular horse!!

Hope to see you soon!

(translated from Spanish)

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